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Young Helen Mirren (22 years old at the time of filming) appeared in her first major film role. The main characters related to the Von Essenbeck family were: Martin molested a poor young Jewish girl named Lisa (Irina Wanka) after kissing her (off-screen) (ahd she tragically hanged herself).

In the closing credits, Helen Mirren was rightfully identified as a "member of the Royal Shakespeare Company." This satirical Paul Mazursky film (his debut film) reflected the 'free love' era of the late 60s sexual revolution. He also incestuously raped his own mother Sophie after telling her of his tremendous hate for her: "I will destroy you, Mother." He threw off his own clothes, then ripped her dress from her body.

Repercussions resulted from the liberated sexual experimentation (more disenchanting than genuine), and in the film's much-criticized sappy ending, the couples didn't trade partners or have sex after all, following an abortive attempt (with only brief kissing).

"Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" stars Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Luis Roberto Guzmán.

These last few episodes are geared to finding out who "El Alacrán" is.

The top-rated Univision telenovela has connected with viewers that live the daily drama as if it was their own.

As everything unraveles and as new plot twists take a hold of the lives of our main characters, viewers have only gotten more attached.


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