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If they wait until they are on vacation, so there won't be a chance of being "found out", then it's not about God and their Christian walk's about people's perception. The bible doesnt explicitly say thou shalt not shack up but it also says flee fornication so going to bermuda to me unless you both there on business how is that fleeing? I took a day trip with my ex technically we were just dating BUT it wasnt really right. More and More singles and Christian singles are starting to travel together.... I'm pretty liberal so I am not put off by this.

Listen..two single Christian people are gonna get-it-on, they are going to do it at home, on vacation, or at the Motel 6! If you guys get the on separate planes and stay in separate rooms it still violates 'give no appearance of evil' i mean under the LAW no traveling with another brother in Christ is not a sin, but if you are courting it could b misconstrewed so its not proper i mean really. What if you go on a cruise that seperate room or cabin can be expensive.

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I have done a lot of things in my life and I KNEW I couldn't justify my sin no matter how badly I wanted to.My daughter and her live-in boyfriend have become saved and are repentant. And so I would advise to this parent to say to the boyfriend and daughter, "Move out! "—and I'm dealing with a situation like this right now, where a kid is about to move in as a Christian with his girlfriend ("Not going to have sex! Do you want to say that sex before marriage is okay? They want to get married now, but our church won't let them get married until they move apart. ")—here's the why: It's not primarily, "You're going to be tempted, and you're going to give in, and you're going to have more sex. The main reason is that when a man and a woman live together it says crystal clear to the world that having sex together without marriage is okay. And if you want to say that, then something is profoundly wrong! You should take steps to communicate truth, and the sanctity of sex in marriage is a glorious truth, and you should want to hallow it and cherish it. Planning your trip doesn´t only minimize the stressors you´d encounter while on vacation, it also effectively boosts your happiness.In fact, the rush of adrenaline caused by excitement is on its highest while planning for the trip.More than 80 percent of singles worldwide are using online dating as a method of finding their perfect partners .


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