Dating an egyptian man

However, in some parts of the world, some issues are easily avoided, but with the wrong partner, they become inevitable.

Take Egypt for instance, why is it that some Egyptian women refuse to marry Egyptian men?

While we can't judge the entire male species in one country based on a "few," we can get a pretty accurate idea of how most of them are like.

I mean seriously, would you want to spend your youthful years searching for the "exception" in a country with a 90 million population? I hate to generalize, but unfortunately, there are some personality traits that are common in almost all Egyptian men.

Or is it perhaps a misunderstanding of the male mentality in Egyptian society?

All these can be major factors, but what if there are other reasons and how is it that the two sexes can grow in the same culture with the same traditions and yet be so different?

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These days, we know that Egyptian dating doesn’t just take place in Egypt.

So i dont think he is lying about much he likes me. Thanks I'm sure you've already read a lot of horror stories, or posts telling you to watch out for scammers.

Is there anything I should really know & be aware of apart form the obvious?

My friend told me about him before i went, although not expecting to form a relationship with him, i knew about his life etc before i met him. I recently went on holiday to Sharm & my friend introduced me to an Egyptian man she met from her previous visit to Egypt.

Why do some actively stay away from any sort of relationship with one of them?

"I would rather stay single then marry a man from Egypt" is a pretty common thing to hear from young Egyptian women. Not being familiar with and misjudging one another?


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