Dating of mahabharat

But despite all these problems and threats, the top two ā€“ by a wide margin ā€“ would remain casteism and gender discrimination.

This is because all the rest of the problems can be attributed in one way or the other to these two core disgraces of our otherwise glorious culture.

However Hinduism being the oldest culture and fountainhead of all other religions has to accept the blame of polluting the source.That is, that time is relative and not absolute as Newton claimed.With the proper technology, such as a very fast spaceship, one person is able to experience several days while another person simultaneously experiences only a few hours or minutes.Let me assume hypothetically that Mahabharat is real history and Krishna was a god in human form : When we discuss the Gita, the thing that strikes us at the outset is that the occasion and place for preaching of the Gita was highly inappropriate for such a philosophical discourse.When armies are standing in array on the battlefield with the chariot horses and elephants straining at their reins, we cannot believe that anyone could think of preaching deep philosophy, and that too at such length.The Gita consists of about 700 stanzas which are difficult to understand without suitable explanation.


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