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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease respond quickly to NATIONALATDIALOGSL. NET o.k from sri-lanka with love Dear Penfriends I would like to meet someone in Cyprus, preferably someone my own age 50 - and an ex pat, who would like to correspond with me about the country - especially Larnaka as I hope to move there some time in the near future. Robbie Williams- fans are preferred but it doesn't matter. I m 17 year old girl from FRANCE I need some penpal friend from to usa, England, Austria, Canada and Cuba I m speak French and English my adresse: sandreco big kiss sandrine We are a Hungarian married couple, and we planned to travel to Cyprus in this Year about the end of April. I Like Photo, Art , Music , Nature & Many Other Things ... My Add: sayyadi ebisayyadi Hi I am male from pakistan. i'm friendly and caring and my email address is bobbysoxer au . jokes , music , sex , movies , magic tricks , live shows , dogs and horses and shopping . If you want to keep in touch with me then please contact me in my e-mail ID, i.e., saby2k3. I travelled a lot around the world cuz I like travelling. I would like write whith people of others write me please. my name is naveen kumar ia ma boy i want to same my age a girl which will very beautifull.i live in pakistan and my e-mail address is naveenhablani and meet me on msn mesengee ok thanks Hi I'm sam I'm 22/f.. Pls write to me at samsin_6date: December 1,2001 Address:p.o.box161, Rostamkola, Mazanadaran, IRAN,48561 E-mail: Rashid_techuni2000With greeting and desire best wishes for you in all of your lifetime , My name is Korosh Rashid , I am living in north of Iran (The best province of Iran with nice weather and attractive places and so on...)I am 25 years old and I am looking for a nice and pretty girlfriend especially in London which has 23 years old,loving jazz music,with exciting character,with blue eyes as a penpal. MY PARENTS ARE FROM MORPHOU AND MY HUBBIES ARE FROM PAPPHOU. MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ahilleosm au My name is Mike, I am 50 yrs old and Live in Oxfordshire England. i think a friend is silver,a good friend is gold and a best friend is diamond. my e_mail is punchee79u can find me on msn messenger. old from USA business minded I would love to have all kind of friends whom like exchanging thoughts and information, such as traditon, cultural and any other subject matters ,everywhere in the world, sometimes its got bored cuased of things always the same, I want something new for friendship male or female as just friend, so if you in vacationing in US will someone to contact with. I play the piano , I like reading and I play Tennis & Squash. I AM A HANDSOME 22 YEAR OLD GUY,5 FT 8" TALL WITH DARK BROWN EYES. I AM A FINAL YEAR STUDENT MAJORING IN GEOGRAPHY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN IN NIGERIA. Write me and we will talk and find out what we are for each other. My hobbies are travelling,cycling,penpalcorresponding,reading,musicinternet etc,etc. Meeting interesting people,forign countries and cultures,nature,animals,children are my special interests. Hi, my name is Nadine and I am half Cypriot & half scottish! I am thinking of moving back to Cyprus soon & I am just looking for someone to chat to about the place (prefabley cypriot man!! I am seeking specially Black graduate, Faithful, Sincere girl. I like Black race all over the me: mithu_gill Thanx reading me Take care Mithu hello my name is sandrine. My e-mail address is zazoo_rd in Hi I'm a girl from Holland, I'm 20 years old and love Cyprus. I like to chat, mail, write with cypriotic men around my age to talk about Cyprus and a lot of other things. i'm a 19 year old guy from Australia and would love to have female friends of any age up to 60 as penpals . hi my name is geoffrey i m belg and i want to commmunicate with another countries i m 16 years old and you my e mail adress is hewitt031go chat with me please bye thank you ps: i search some people who are 15 or 25 years old Hi, guys I'm 22 yaers old male and I'm student of computer sciences in Russia. I like: Harry Potter books, and The matrix (movie). I wold like writting with people in english or spanish. I'm a spiritualist and would love to have a friend with whom I can exchange views. at Johnjacob16or mail me at ecochalange HI MY NAME IS MARIA AND I AM A GREEK CYPRIOT FROM SYDNEY, A U S T R A L I A WHO IS SEEKING PENFRIENDS FROM CYPRUS. COM hi my name is pete i am a 49 year old male living in england iam a widower and my wife was a cypriot i love cyprus very much and am going to come and live there this year i want to meet any ladies from 45 to 50 to write to and become friends hope to hear from you soon on peter.hollowell Hai! As I'm very fond of learning foreign languages, I'm currently studying a subject called Asia-Management. I1m an project manager of IT, my wife is a chartered accountant. e-mail: gyurkovicsf I am Ebi Sayyadi, I'm 29 years old. My email address is as under: zulfiquar69hi my name is aliand i am from uk i have been to cyprus in 1996 and i live in cyprus two years as a student i like cyprus very much and i love cyprus people very much i like to make pen friends in cyprus either girls or boys my e-mail is :ali_ali2plz do me write thanx bye Yia su, filie, apo ti Lettonia! Hello I am a 26 year old christian female from Illinois, and am looking for a christian penpail preferably from another country but just in another state is fine too. I am 34 years old Nigerian guy, I base in mauritania looking for pen-pal friends from canada,syprus,cayman island. my name is hicham 20 years old and i am a moroccan male.i would love to have friends all over the if you are interested email me adiouan or write me at ADIOUAN HICHAM HAY ASSAISS? TO ANY BODY ALL OVER THE WORLD WITHOUT ANY CONDITION OF RACE, LANGUAGE, COUNTY, NATIONALTY, RELIGION AND STATUS, HOPING CONSIDER AND REPLY SOON ..... I am looking forward to hearing from her as soon as possible. Sincerely yours, Korosh Rashid Lover Engineer Rashid_techuni2000hi im pedram i will come to cyprus in jan 2002 i looking for female girl about 14-18 im one best snow board player in iran and i come to intercollege to study business if you want know about me more e-mail me at pedramjoon Hi i'm a boy on 14 from Norway. i want a girl, but it's OK if you are a boy to, i would love it i you where from greece. I look forward to hearing from you Mike DCrowther Hi friends, I from Africa and i am 25yrs. I would like to write girls between 20 and 25 from all over the world. I LOVE TO READ, WATCH FUNNY MOVIES, GO OUT FOR SHORT WALKS OR JUST DRIVE ALONG THE COAST IN THE EVENING.

Our method of communication has evolved and has shifted from moving pens and papers unto moving messages through electronics and the use of world-wide web. I am engaged to a wonderful man, whom is in the Navy, and is over seas right at the moment. P.s.: Before I forget it, I love (to write as well as receive :) nice, long letters...! I am looking for girl friends aged between 15 to 30. Looking to exchange E-Mail with people male or female from other places in the world. Like listening to music,surfing the web and chatting. I am looking for feedback from people who have been there. Like the clubs and attitude of locals to americans. I have found much info on the net but nothing in this catagory. I am partly German and partly Swiss, and of course a little bit of everything else (English, Irish etc.. my name is ruta and i am 17 years old girl from lithuania, the country in north-middle europe. Please contact me at: VKValvi Hi I am from Sheffield(Uk)24, Male, Single and love Cyprus to bits, I will be coming over again early this year Jan/Feb 2002 as my mum and younger brother live over there. If you now something that one canot find in offisial sites pleas send me. Hi, I am a britsh born cypriot M/26 and will be moving to Cyprus next year to start a job in chartered accountancy. I'm looking for someone to talk to (male of female). I like rap and heavy metal and I like to play sport. chic_princes Boys "DON'T MIND IT" Bye Bye GIRLS I AM ARPITHA FROM LAND OF BEAUTY INDIA. LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN CYPRUS OR KNOW ABOUT CYPRUS. IF YOU'D LIKE TO TALK MORE E-MAIL ME AT ginger188I`m 14 years old and a girl from germany!! AAFRICA, INDIA , CYPROS , CHINA OR AN OTHER PLACES. Unfortunatly i don't speak any foregn languges, but i'will be glad to speak with everybody who knows russian. E's i also need a friend that understands what im going through, (e.g STRESS)i know it sounds dull but once you get to know me im sure things will brighten up. I can write in French, English or Spannish (a bit). i miss cyprus so much and i would like to know what is going on there. I had a tough time before choosing the right kind of sport that would satisfy all my requirements. Bodybuilding is the very sport that helps me to be fit rather than fat. I am a senior, but I am getting my Washington State Diploma. I also like reading, especially old English literature (Dickens, the Brontes, but also Tolkien, Douglas Adams..). At the weekend, I like going out, of course; quite often to some concert or the movies. I'll tell you more about myself in reply to your letter, Elke. I like very much your country and seek friend for penfriendship or not only... My adress: spectator Hi, my name is Korey Kleovoulou. I like fishing, paintball, camping, baseball and soccer. So if you want to talk, email me at Skirmishkk Hello , Iam an American guy from Michigan age 41. my e-mail address is :- sdgirotra Hi, I am going to Cyprus this summer. I love the Lord, animals, photography, scrapbooking, drama, history and singing. I graduated from Famagusta Greek Gymnasium in 1956 and would like to hear from people who may have graduated with me. Write to my mail addres, humfredo Hoping to here from you.... I'm an Australian male and looking for a new penfriend. I am 23 years old male and want to friendship with only "GIRLS" just write to me any time "I'M YOURS"! HELLO PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, I AM FAYYAZ FROM KARACHI, PAKISTAN. KHULDABAD, QUAIDABAD, KARACHI-75120, PAKISTAN e-mail address:- fayyazenterprises fayyazenterprises HI, MY NAME IS JOLEEN I AM 30 YEARS OLD. I AM MOVING TO CYPRUS FEB, 2002 I AM ALOT OF FUN AND VERY OUTGOING AS WELL AS GOOD LOOKING. I LIKE LISTEN MUSIC, WATCH TV AND GO OUT WITH MY FRIENDS. I wonna chat with rusians, living abroad or enybody, speaking russian. I would like to have penfriends from all over the world, especially from India, USA, Australia and Spain. Adress: Alexander Dachsel, Am Mittelfeld 4b, 01640 Coswig, Germany adachsel hello! i would like e-friends from all over the world, but it would be especially great if you were from cyprus. I dont blow my own trumpet but without any shyness I can say that I have good sense of humor that helps me to cope with different problems and troubles I have to face every day in my life. I study at the Philological Faculty of Kazan State University, as it gives a splendid opportunity to study English Language and Foreign Literature I have a wide variety of interests, which I always try to connect with different parts of life. Fischer HELLO EVERYBODY, MY NAME IS MENILLO CALDERON 29 FROM THE PHILIPPINES I AM VERY MUCH HAPPY TO ACQUAINTED TO HAVE A FRIENDS FROM A DISTANCE I LIKE LIKE LISTENING MUSIC SUCH AS FOLK ROCK AND COUNTRY I ALSO LIKE FISHING ANYBODY WANTS TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME JUST E MAIL HERES MY ADD. I love ridding horses, writting poetry, taking pictures, and I love to draw! This is my adress: Elke Schfer Schurwaldweg 4 73102 Birenbach Germany wassup evry body my name is chris i gat 15 years old and i'm from US maryland and want a pen friend from anyhere i like music so mush music like HIPHOP and R&B so if you like to right me my email is:rutachris86i will be so happy and i will answer your letter evry day. Will respond to all e-mails my email is Brsandman1Hope to hear from you hi i`m caroline 13years from norway. I study spanish and am looking for a penpal, which will help me to practise my spanish. also I heard there was a red light district in Larnaca. I just finished my Associates of Arts and I teach Kindermusik (music program for newborns to age 7). i am keen on making friends so you all are welcome to write me, i will answer you without any doubt. It would be nice to make friends with some Cypriots both Male and female and possibly meet up some time as I am also looking to move to Paphos once I can get some employment over there and leave my job in England. hi there my name is michael i'm 34 year old irish male i'm from the town of drogheda which is on the east coast of ireland i'm looking for penpals in north cyprus and in kyrenia because i was there in sep 10 so email me at mikbutler Hi My name is Svetlana/ I live in Russia. Or just answer my letter I will be very glad to make any pen friend ssurova Hello.. I would like to make some penpals so as to have friends when I imigrate. leodino I am kumar (male) 30 years old from India handsome boy with good hobbies like travelling, reading and would like to make freindship with only females of beautiful type of age between 25-40. I'm interested in a penfriend between the ages of 13-18. If you are 11-17 years old, and you can speak english, than write me !!!!!!!! MY ADRESS : Anntin14:-))))))))))))))))))))))) hiii! I am girl from Bosnia, my name is Dragana and I am 17. I'm 14 years old and I'm looking for some penfriends from America! I'm 35,live in Russia and I love life in all her sides. So anyone out there how whats to become pen friends with me please write to me, my email address is: zuhre_dogruel_turk uk . Hi i m a boy of 19 years of age i never tell lies so i m clear that i need very sincere financialy strong friend whether male or female who can support financialy i,e by sponsoring my visa or job or some other way can support me i can also turn this friendship into the relation if i found you sincere. but i would be happy to hear from anyone who is nice and about my age. It strengthens my will, muscles and develops confidence in myself. I have been learning English since five years and French since three years. I am also a born-again christian, I go to a Assembly of God church. i`m going to cyprus in august(figtree bay)u answer me, i would like to meet u in figtree bay. I like skiing, swimming, dancing, playing the guitar, I love pets and animals. I need a good company for make life chearful, friend and partner should be gentle and sincere. I'd love to find a penpail that perhaps has something in common with me, especially the "God-thing". i m 10 yr old , girl, i live in america, i like soccer, painting, drawing, animals, scince , reading books, and most of all writing i will be 11 march 14, my name is samantha , or sammy sosa email is , sjf314I was in Cyprus for 6 months with the Canadian Peacekeeping contingent in 1987. so, i like all kinds of art, especially photography, i enjoy reading, debating, and writing letters if course. Hope I hav'nt bored you too much and hopefully speak soon. Don't wonder that I use short sentences - I'm blond. I am a 39 years old lady from Thailand, single would like to have a male or female friends from Cyprus or any where in the world except South East Asia... contact me at diomedou Hello, my name is Paul, I live in the North East of England and I am 33 y\o. It may be really surprised but I really wanna have friend in Cyprus. if anybody interested please contact me at chakrakumar --hi i'm AMIT.i'm 24 from presenet time i'm in russia for study in medicine.i like indian classical music,journey.i'm looking penfriend from all over the e_mail: love_me2Hi, 'Sup? My email address is rollygeorge hi, i am interested in finding a penfriend in cyprus. My name is Marie , I am french girl and i'm14 years old. I am looking for a someone, who is funny and romantic. If you want to keep in touch with me then please contact me in my e-mail ID, mhossien2000I also like swimming, drawing, & music. I would be happy, if you E-mail me back under: manuel.matzinger (please only girls!!!!!! I'm 14 years old and I'm looking for some penfriends in the internet. Write me: stelline Hi i am a 15 year old girl my name is ZED (Zhre), i live the united kingdom my parnets are both from CYPRUS!!! i m very diffrent from common boys of my age i m doing my b,com final year my body coplexion is fair and my hieght is 6 feet i m pakistani and residing in the capital city islamabad i also want to have a pakistani or some one living in pakistan preferably in islamabad as freiend ok by any anticipations will be anicipated. But dont think that I am book worn or sissy, I am fond of being on rumba the whole spare nights with my friends. So I will keep my fingers crossed and wait the answer from you. Personally I am still having a lot of fun playing this game." We bet you are, Robert.


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