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What was called " the Great Road from Boston to Alhany." between Blanford, Hampden county, and Great Barrington, was traversed by the troops under Major General Amherst, marching to the capture of Fort Ticonderoga; and upon it, from Saratoga to Boston, marched the captured army of Bur- goyne, who, himself, was lodged for one night at Tyringham. He is past chancellor in the Knights of Pythias, and has been a member of the Grand Lodae of Massachusetts. His wife died at Norwalk, and he married (second), January i. While in the latter place he was elected a professor in the college at Charleston. In 1881 he received the degree of Master of Arts from Yale College, and made a trip to Europe. was appointed a member of the institute faculty of the state of New "N'ork, January, 1886, deputy superintendent of public instruction, and soon 286 BERKSHIRE COUNTY after principal of the State Normal School at New Paltz, New York. The main i)urpose was the making and maintenance of a ]):issable road Ijetween the Con- 14 BERKSHIRE COUNTY necticut and Honsatonic rivers, for military purposes, affording a line for troops and supplies to the Canada frontier. He also holds the same position in the Berkshire Loan and Trust Company and the Co-Operative Bank, and is interested in the Third National Bank, of which he was an original stockholder. He married Joan Turney, and resided first in Bos- ton and then in Watertown, Connecticut. rem D^'ing• to Norwalk in 165 1, and served in many official positions in the town, and was a representative for several years previous to 1671. He taught in the academy at Norwich, New York, for two years, was principal of the union school at Sherburne for three years and professor in the academy at Albany, New York, for three and a half years.The girl/guy ratio for the single males during winter is sad ..If you had a girlfriend at the start she is probably dating ur friend right now..There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now.

It plays host to large and beautiful beaches, two Outer Banks fishing piers, and the widest variety of Outer Banks restaurants.

Make way for the girls of summer the hot weather imports get ur game tight u might even want to hit VA for a Wardrobe slash makeover..

Remember youngbucks u can be anyone you want they will only be here a couple months.

So let them know how hard Law School is at William and Mary and how u r a hanglide instructor and your family is hier to the coca cola fortune...

If you think the foreign girls don't have herpes, you've lost your mind. The crop of Outer Banks Bums is pathetic - the only reason any of those imported chicks would date the local guys is to get pregnant so their child will have dual citizenship or get married so they can gain citizenship themselves.


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