Updating symantec antivirus corporate edition

Chapter 7 is on upgrading and then chapters 8, 9, 10 are on more intermediate and advanced topics like securing the environment.Symantec Anti Virus combines industry-leading, real-time malware protection for desktops and servers with graphical web-based reporting, centralized management and administration capabilities.It also begins covering the Symantec Product Specialist certification.

This book tells you everything you need to know about configuring the corporate edition of Symantec Anti Virus.

Unlike home versions of Symantec anti-virus programs, which always display a system tray icon, Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition will not appear in the system tray by default if you installed the program as a managed client, controlled along with other computers' installations from a central console.

If you want the icon to appear on managed clients, or if your icon has disappeared from an unmanaged client, you can manually set it to appear. Right-click on the server group, client group or parent server containing the computer on which you want the icon to appear.

The Norton Removal Tool will remove all versions of Norton branded security products from your computer.

These versions are the consumer editions that are commonly provided as trial versions on a new computer. Symantec Cleanwipe will remove all versions of Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition and Symantec Endpoint Protection from your computer.


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