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People with an Avoidant Personality Disorder tend to think they are completely flawed and inferior to others.Persons with an Avoidant Personality Disorder are unable to recognize both their good and bad qualities.In reality, complex projects require a diverse perspectives; which you only get when you invite dissimilar people to participate in the group.When you bring people from different backgrounds together on complex projects tensions arise, sometimes leading to verbal abuse and even threats of violence.The act of grooming a child may include activities that are legal, but later lead to sexual contact.

So, action taken by an adult to form a trusting relationship with a child, with the intent of later having sexual contact, is 'child grooming'.

Children are less likely to report a crime if it involves someone the child knows, trusts, and cares about.

Also, a relationship with the family means the child's parents will be less likely to believe any accusations.

Establishing a Code of Conduct is one way to signify this project values the perspectives of many.

We are committed to ensuring participants have an effective method of escalating reports of misconduct so that we can maintain a productive community for all participant.


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